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Hair Transplant

Hair transplant is the latest procedure for those who have lost their hair to untimely fall or who want to alter their hairlines or acquire an attractive hair style.

Hair transplant is a semi-surgical procedure in which small amounts of hair grafts are collected from your hair-bearing scalp. The same hair grafts are skilfully implanted at the desired bald areas giving a natural looking results.

Hair Transplant involves no surgery, no pain and no scarring. At Derma Care Skin and Hair Clinic, Himayat Nagar, Hyderabad., our specialists in Hair Transplant procedure offers advanced methods like Hair Transplantation, Scalp Micro Pigmentation for baldness as required or in combination to give you the best results.

Our Trichologists and Cosmetic surgeons at Derma Care Skin and Hair Clinic provides a non-surgical hair replacement procedure that guarantees the restoration of your appearance and gives you a full head of hair, regardless of your current condition and stage of hair loss. 

The specialist doctor at Derma Care Skin and Hair Clinic will diagnose your problem and suggest the best procedure for your baldness.

Enjoy the confidence of looking good again, with Hair Restoration treatments provided at our Derma Care Skin and Hair Clinic. Book your appointment by phone or online today.

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